Walking as an embodied practice – solitary and participatory acts

I have been walking for many years, automatically in getting from (a) – (b) and mindfully, purposefully walking. One foot in front of the other – we may take it for granted as much as breathing. But what if we pay attention to what happens when our bodies walk? Or when we can’t walk??


Over a series of weekends for several months, as an experiment, I am walking the Oxford Green Belt Way as a circumambulation close to the city where I live – to see what I can see, what occurs, what emerges. To see how my walking body stirs my imagination and what arises. And in those who join me for any stages of this.

If you would like to walk with me through these ‘pages’ and in imagination,  you are welcome to add any thoughts you may wish to share here….


‘Paths and their markers have long worked on me like lures: drawing my sight up and on and over. The eye is enticed by a path, and the mind’s eye also. The imagination cannot help but pursue a line in the land – onwards in space, but also backwards in time to the histories of a route and its previous followers….”

Robert MacFarlane (2012) The Old Ways; “Paths”



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