Other Recent Works

2011 – ‘Frames of Mind.’
(500 projected images from the view on the commute to work accompanied by a similar number of miniature paintings for handling. This piece developed out of intense Goethean observation and mindful attention, a key concept in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy). This piece remains in the progress of making for a whole year round 2011- 2012.

As I travelled daily, I looked out of the window and allowed myself to be absorbed intensely and meditatively into the detail of the landscape. I sketched on the back of envelopes, train tickets etc to maintain attention to detail. I made notes about the weather, colours. I used the camera simultaneously by holding it close to my eyes and captured sequential shots. The camera recorded a different aspect of the image of moving through the landscape. I scrutinized these glimpses on arriving home having gathered all I could. The images changed all the time and I attempted to bracket out previous knowledge and look afresh. 

Later, I painted the landscapes in batches as recalled in my imagination. I edited some of the photographs to enhance perceived emerging gestures eg. The linearity of wind swept marks on the window, tracks, wires, paths, tree branches all flowing in one direction. My actions fulfilled an insistent need to inhabit and feel the gesture. At this stage I felt in direct dialogue between inner and outer worlds  – between the image forming in my mind and the seen image. Observing the landscape over time also gave a dynamic aspect of the phenomenon changing.

I became so absorbed in the little landscape images (and they absorbed me) that I saw them vividly with my eyes shut, synaesthetically (in response to other stimuli) and they woke me up at 5am. This happened beyond my active perception of the landscape in the above two stages. Here, the images ‘articulated themselves in their own way’  As in the ‘letting come’, the second part of a contemplative meditative process– in the inter-world between the landscape and me (inner and outer worlds) 

I sensed linking threads in the gesture – paths, tracks, furrows,  roads leading; electricity pylons, wires, cables connecting, the viewer moving through too fast, in transition, transforming. Yet the streaks of polluted residue on the windows created black lines scoring through and crossing out the landscape, ominously darkening some images. In places, the trees appeared to reach desperately towards the tracks. The rubbish and dumped things, offered a sense of the land being hurt and damaged despite the advances of technology. Also the colours could be felt – the startling insistence of the greens, the pushiness of the alizarin, the embracing sky blue, the softness and gentleness of the grey mist, the fertility in the burnt umber and yellow ochre of the soil. It was winter but it was not empty or dead. The earth was full of potential  – to be disrespected at our peril. The gesture of both stasis and blurring allows one to be aware of the duality in stopping to look, notice, respect, and of the breathless sensation of running ahead of ourselves.’ (HF)

2010 ‘The Poetics of Home’ (A series of poetic images made from around the home presented on paper and video to stir the imagination and discussion)

2010 ‘Resuscitation’ and ‘The Tuning’(Short video pieces of a performance resuscitating a piano)

‘I explored through performance, playing in duet with recorded sound or video image, percussing the piano’s body (heart beat –like), pushing the sustain pedal – (breath like), and gestural playing. I practised constructing classical pieces in fragments with hands apart then together, in live performance and uniting fragments of images with video editing. I deconstructed them by reading music but letting my hands play whatever emerged. All this took place in a meditative state. A sense of accessing, breathing life into and resuscitation emerged.’ (HF)

2010 ‘The Interweaving’. (A series of short videos about trains weaving their way from track to psyche in the life-world)

2010 ‘Medicine and Art’  (Beginning of ‘The Attending Physicians’ group  – a discussion forum about using aesthetic processes in medicine)

2010 ‘6 minutes’. (Video piece where the doctor/artist notices tiny, almost hidden gestures which are then re-enacted and projected large for the viewer to form their own opinion)

2010 ‘ 3 hours, 1 square foot’ (Observations whilst rooted to one spot on a beach for three hours)


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