Barefoot Dialogues

Helena Fox, Richard Rosch, Jo Kernon and Natasha Solomons invite you to try their Barefoot Devices for sensing the earth:

Barefoot Walks and Talks:
These took place between 30th Sept and 2nd Oct 2011 at different times of day from Albion Beatnik Bookshop, Jericho, Oxford into Port Meadow. This was part of the ‘inwithbetween’ MA in Interdisciplinary Arts Festival, Oxford Brookes University.
‘An old ancestral affinity between the human foot and the solid ground is replenished by the simple act of stepping outside without shoes’ (Abrams). Human beings are exact instruments’ (Goethe). Can we be more mindful to the state of the earth when we also sense it through the soles of our feet? Come and join a Barefoot Walk, attend to your powers of perception and share our experience in a discussion.
Several walks with discussions were led by four artists to explore how we sense the world when we make contact skin-to-skin between the ground and one of the most sensitive parts of the body. 
‘Do I only walk on fabricated surfaces now? Bedroom carpet, kitchen wood floor, asphalt, broken concrete, gravel, brick, paving stone, granite, station platform, train carpet, paving stone, hospital lino and carpet etc etc.. day in day out. A whole week of commuting and working in the city, leaves me thirsty to go in search of some earth’

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