‘I am a capturer of images rather than a photographer. Certain images seize me and make me curious. Those which are poetic and a little strange. I stay with them and re-view them in my mind, noticing closely. In this way, they inhabit me and I them. Through this form of dialogue, deeper or hidden meanings may emerge. Can these images also act as a vehicle for the imagination and reflections of others?’ (HF 2011) 

Helena Fox practices Medicine and Social Sculpture. Her art work spans both disciplines and aims to mobilize imaginative processes in medicine to facilitate more ‘compassionate’ and sustainable healthcare.

She practices art  in conjunction with Oxford Brookes University Social Sculpture Research Group where she is engaged in a PhD to take her research forward. This will include enquiry into ideas of embodiment and connective aesthetics in the clinic through theory and arts-led practical methodologies. Can these practices add further ways of knowing alongside the evidence base?

Having completed her MA in Interdisciplinary Arts (Social Sculpture http://www.social-sculpture.org) at Oxford Brookes University in Autumn 2011, her work continues to draw on clinical experience and explores how connective aesthetic practices, including imaginal thought, can bring new insights and re-visioning to areas of medicine. By keeping the sensed experience central, her work aims to stir the imagination and thoughts of the viewer,create discussion and shape new ideas. Using ‘aesthetic’ processes, outside the gallery, in real life, she aims to enhance a more intuitive understanding and connectivity with each other and the world. She is interested in using these processes to enhance a deeper humane understanding in areas of medicine.


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