Cathedral of the Trees

An Invitation

For a fine early autumn evening…soon…nearby

First meeting – Last Day of British Summertime

Further meetings tba…

Come and lie in trees –

 And capture shafts of light.

Gather inner images

To illuminate darker months and places

If you would like to take part in this contemplative work for storing images, please leave a message on this blog. Bring a notebook, pen or pencil,waterproofs

This is a participatory work in progress. Updates will be posted here

You may wish to read Isis Brook: ‘Goethean Science as a Way to Read Landscape.’

Landscape Research Vol 23 No1, 1998 p51-68

Our words will be transformed into Imagining Posts…coming soon…

 Post 1 

What is this life if full of care,

We have no time to stand and stare?

(William Davies)

Post 2

Last Day of Summer

She lay on her back, feeling the cool damp earth through her raincoat. Peace descended as she meditated into the tree-tops. High arches and fans, interweaving fingers, intricate patterns of shimmering leaves and shafts of light. A cathedral of trees. Transcendent. She flung her thoughts and feelings up and out into the trees. A paradise of brightness, colour and form.
‘You don’t need to die to find this kingdom. You have to be very much alive – here and now.’
The branches moved, the whole field of vision swayed, an all- encompassing swell as the noise of the wind rose. She held onto the ground to stop her self from sliding. Motion sick, her whole being was transported.
She looked intensely, in order to imprint this onto her mind, to impress the sensation on her body, to feel it so she could bring it back in the darkest days of winter.
“Follow the wind”, her friend had said.
Then she let the outer world be blown in, like a hurricane thrusting open a door. She breathed it in to her consciousness, mingling hers with the being of the Earth. Inspiration.

(Microscripts H Fox 2011-12)

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7 Responses to Cathedral of the Trees

  1. Monica Payne says:

    It sounds lovely but depends when it is

  2. magali says:

    Sounds good. You never have enough trees in your life…

  3. Christina says:

    Sounds very good indeed. I am really trying to make time and participate. See you soon

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