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Cathedral of the Trees

An Invitation For a fine early autumn evening…soon…nearby First meeting – Last Day of British Summertime Further meetings tba… Come and lie in trees –  And capture shafts of light. Gather inner images To illuminate darker months and places If … Continue reading

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Barefoot Walks and Talks

‘An old ancestral affinity between the human foot and the solid ground is replenished by the simple act of stepping outside without shoes’ (Abrams). Human beings are exact instruments’ (Goethe). Can we be more mindful to the state of the … Continue reading

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“Anaesthetic to Aesthetic” in Medicine

Medicine is full of emotive and ‘soulful’ images. Not only those we witness with our eyes, but those we picture in our mind’s eye along with individual thoughts, feelings and sensations.  Our imagination is very rich. What  happens when we … Continue reading

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